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Business Growth Strategist

Working with sole entrepreneurs, micro businesses and SMEs to create bespoke strategies for business & revenue growth.

High Performance Business Coach

I work 1-1 with ambitious business owners, acting as a soundboard, accountability partner and using my strategic knowledge to guide them to the actions they need to take to grow their business and hit their goals.

Agency Scaling expert

With a background in recruitment, leadership & management and business operations, I am an expert in scaling business through hiring employees, associates and outsourcing.

how you can work with me

This 12 week program is designed to take you from “hit and hope” offers and launches, to an aligned bespoke strategy that works for you, around your life.

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community of business owners dedicated to building businesses that put their life first.

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One-off and long term options available; work with me directly to get my eyes (& brain) on your business.

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Speaking with Alex is like panning for gold; she can take the things that we would throw away as being insignificant and unimportant, and show you that is your real gold, your real gift to the world.


She has a gentle, practical and concrete way of making planning easier to understand for a scatterbrain like mine


You have helped me make my business work for me so I can have the freedom to live the life I want – what more could anyone ask for?!

Who said strategy was boring?

Strategy is the difference between those staying on the hamster wheel and easy, consistent income growth.

My clients come to me because they

✔️ Want to reclaim their lives & get off the hamster wheel

✔️ Are ready to take action in their business

✔️ Don’t want a cookie-cutter “this is the only way” strategy that won’t work for them.

I help them build strategies that suit them; their life, their circumstances, their unique challenges, their desires, their needs and their business.

I meet them where they are, and I guide them to move forwards.

With grace, humility, a large dose of humour and far too many metaphors!

I have a background in business operations, HR and recruitment; I know how to get the best out of people, I know how to motivate people to be productive and I know how to make a business work for you.