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I have a decade of experience in growing businesses.

I offer 1-1 coaching to Business Owners looking to grow and scale their businesses; I will meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.

You will be in charge of what you do and how you do it; I will be there to keep you moving forwards, to answer your questions and help to alleviate your worries. I may offer suggestions and guidance, however it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to take them.

Within these containers I offer a judgement-free space for you to open up; I do not want you to feel you have to filter your words to make them sound ‘better’. Together we can talk through any issues you may be having with clients or peers to understand where they come from and how you can move forwards.

Kate Hogan

Alex’s total integrity made it so easy for me to trust her with my new ideas – something that is often hard to do in the coaching space.

Having the freedom and trust to bounce my ideas off Alex was a confidence boost I wasn’t expecting and helped me introduce greater scope to my ideas

Rachel Luke

Alex is quite possibly the best business mentor/coach in the world. She always meets you where you’re at and knows when to be firm and when to be kind.

Her incredibly impressive knowledge has never failed me, and constantly amazes me at how she knows about all things business. But best of all, she teaches you how to meet your business goals all whilst keeping a good work life balance and in a way that feels good to you.

CiCi Reagan

She held me accountable, helped me to strategise, and she believed in my way forward even when I began to waver. Now I’m selling my first business and writing full time, which is my lifelong dream.

Alex is the wise owl on my shoulder through it all, guiding me even when she doesn’t know it, allowing me the space to grow into what she knows I can become.

1-1 Coaching options

Monthly Coaching Sessions

£5,000 per month

The closest way to work with me and get my eyes, and brain, on your business.

Within this container I use an intuitive blend of high performance coaching, both business and life, mentoring and consultancy to make sure that you get the most out of your time with me.

I keep a limited capacity for 1-1 coaching as I want you to have the best experience; if you’re interested in discussing signing up to work with me, drop me a DM.

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VIP Days


What could be better for your confidence than a full day spent nailing your business strategy?

We’ll look at your goals and then make sure everything you do aligns with getting you there. From your offers, to your marketing, what you love to do and what fills you with dread, we will find the easiest and best way for you to proceed.

You’ll walk away with the clarity and confidence to act, knowing exactly what you need to do each day. Typically, these days will be a 2 hour session followed by a more relaxed social lunch, then another 2 hour session.

International meetings can be arranged for a higher cost.

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Voxer Days


You don’t know what you don’t know, so it’s hard to predict what questions you will have until you come up against the hurdle.

This fear of uncertainty can lead to procrastination or simple hesitancy; knowing that each step you take could lead to a new question or hurdle can stop you from taking those steps.

If only there was someone on hand to get you over those hurdles quickly, keep you motivated and give you knowledgeable support whilst keeping the day fun and enjoyable…

Instead of a power hour where you get an intense burst of guidance to go away and implement, often coming up against new questions you couldn’t have anticipated, here you get to spend a whole day with me asking the questions as they come up!

This is your chance to get my help in real-time as you are working; we will set an objective and then I will be with you each step of the way, giving feedback and encouragement. I will be both your sounding board and your accountability partner.

You will achieve more in one day than you thought possible.

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strategy call


This is a full strategy session which will result in a 6 month plan and 5 year aim.

During this intensive session we will look at

  • your business goals,
  • your current or planned business set up
  • your sales plan & offers
  • your growth strategy
  • your marketing
  • how you can optimise your processes

To structure the session I will have some prompts for us to discuss but the initial zoom meeting will be free flow discussion.

You will receive a video recording of the zoom session.

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