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My 2023 Online Business Predictions

1) Retreats and Events are going to be popular.

After 2 years behind our computer screens, we’re starting to crave human connection and seeing people.
I’ve been thinking this for a while and I’m already starting to see the leaders making moves in this space.

2) People will be turning their digital guides into physical books.

I’m actually surprised more people aren’t doing this already; there are so many ways you can create useful content in printed form!

3) Integrity will be the top selling point.

Already we see coaches and business people slipping up and forgetting which lies they’ve told us. One minute telling us they’re a 7-figure business, the next celebrating their first 10k month.
The businesses that will survive 2023 will be the ones who don’t give the impression that they are scrambling to make money any way they can.
Work out the core of what you sell and make sure all your offers tie in with this. Don’t lie about where you are in business or what you’ve achieved.

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