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My 2024 Online Business Predictions

Last year I made some predictions for what I thought would be trends for 2023… and I must say, I kind of nailed it.

You can read them in full here.

  1. Retreats and events WERE popular – some of the biggest names in the industry were hosting in person events and spots were snapped up. This will continue in 2024 I think.
  2. People did turn digital guides into physical books, plus diaries, planners and journals. Amazon KDP had a good year with people creating new content for them!
  3. Integrity has officially taken over as the top selling point… thank god. There are still those out there chatting rubbish but funnily enough, they aren’t doing as well 😉

So, on to my predictions for 2024…

1. People are going to get creative with their launch methods

We’re starting to see this already but the tried and tested methods of old are starting to get dusty – the ones who will do best will be the ones putting a fresh spin on things, staying in touch with what their audience actually want and trying out new launch methods.

2. Quality is the name of the game 

Your clients don’t want your minimum lazy effort to “just get it done” – while we shouldn’t be aiming for perfection (because it doesn’t exist) the programmes that will stand out will be the ones where all the bells and whistles are highly polished.

When everything is planned out and set up in advance, our clients receive a far better experience when working with you; this allows them to feel safe and increases the likelihood of them seeing a good return on their investment.

3. Specialist mastermind groups will overtake generalist memberships

The forerunners of the business world are already starting to release or plan these and trust me, these are going to be huge in 2024. 

A mastermind is a small group, focussed on a particular subject. It’s high investment, high commitment and even higher return; typically people joining mastermind groups make back their investment in the first month or two.

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