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5 Minute Webinar; How do I find clients on LinkedIn

As business owners, we know that engaging with our target audience is really important, but if you have a small network of connections on LinkedIn, do you know how to find the people you should be connecting with?

The search filter is excellent and I highly recommend playing around with it but a keyword search gives you so much power to really target your niche! The gold standard keyword search is called a Boolean search and below I show how you can use one to really narrow in on your niche!

Harnessing algorithmic search functions on LinkedIn

A Boolean search is actually a computer programming term – it’s a search where the value is either true or false. It has been integrated in to nearly all search tools you use each day but you might not realise you are using it.

LinkedIn uses a limited type of Boolean search which I will cover here, but if you want to know more pop it in to google and it will show you some additional ways you can use it online! A Boolean search uses keywords but only returns results that contain the specific values requested – it will not produce “did you mean?” results.

Things to remember;

  • Your Boolean instructions need to be in CAPS to avoid the search function looking for them as search functions

  • Think of it like an excel formula, you can use () brackets to section off areas which is particularly useful when using the OR function

Search Instructions

“ “ Quotation Marks: these will filter your search to instances of an exact phrase

AND searches: these ensure your search contains all of the words included

OR searches: these allow you to search for multiple variations on spelling or term

NOT searches: these allow you to remove profiles that contain specific words or phrases

Watch the video below for an example of how this can be used!


  1. Business owner (returned 20,900,000 results)

  2. “business owner” (returned 2,030,000 results)

  3. “business owner” AND website (returned 125,000 results)

  4. “business owner” AND (“website designer” OR “website design” OR website developer” OR “website development”) (returned 31,000 results)

  5. “business owner” AND (“website designer” OR “website design” OR website developer” OR “website development”) NOT wordpress (returned 12,000 results)

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