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It take 66 days to form a habit

The idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit is a misunderstanding that started in the 1960s.
It came from a best selling book by a plastic surgeon, Maxwell Maltz who noted that it took a minimum of 21 days for a patient to become accustomed to a change in their body/look.
For 60 years we have laboured under the myth that we can form or change our habits in 3 weeks if we commit.
It’s no wonder that we have a generation more likely to blame themselves for their lack of self-discipline than to persevere with committing to habit changes.
A 2009 study (by Phillippa Lally at UCL) found that it takes 66 days on average, but sometimes as long as 254 days, for a new habit to become second nature.

Not 3 weeks but 3 months to a year!!!

Furthermore, this research found that missing a day would ONLY have a significant effect if you threw the whole thing in the failure bucket for missing that day. If you pick up where you left off, you’re not starting again from zero.
Personally, I really struggle with habit forming.
I’ve tried reminder apps and alarms (I just turn them off 9 times out of 10), I’ve tried schedule changes, and I’ve tried accountability partnering.
The only thing I’ve found that ever works for me even slightly is habit tethering.
Taking a daily habit I already have and tethering the new habit to it.
For example; I now need to take a daily pill at the same time every day. As I already brush my teeth before I go to bed at the same time every day, I tethered my pill taking to brushing my teeth.
It’s not perfect (if I’m not at home or not in my normal routine) but it’s the closest I’ve got!

I don’t think we lack self-discipline or have commitment issues,

I think we have too many things to remember and we need a helping hand!

Let me be that helping hand

One of the issues that face business owners at EVERY LEVEL is forgetting to do the basics.

Those needle moving activities that get de-prioritised because we forget just how valuable they are.

Often people are so focussed on big wins via mass launches, and signing new clients every month, that they ignore the tasks that make the biggest difference.

The tasks that set the foundation and make those big wins bigger, and those new clients easier to sign.

These tasks take 15 minutes a day at most… but most people feel like they simply don’t have time to manage it all.

It’s not time they’re lacking – the problem is these tasks haven’t become second nature.

Enter Habit Lab

Not a sales sprint

A business marathon

Every week day, for just over 3 months, I will send you an email in the morning with a task.


Because checking our emails in the morning is already habit for most of us and this way we can tether this new habit of completing these tasks to an established habit!

Each task should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

These tasks cover those things that we forget to do or de-prioritise, if you can nail them you’ll


Make Gold Standard Care your norm

Looking after our clients should be second nature but often after-care goes out the window as you chase those new clients and new sales. Making gold standard care the norm means your clients are going to keep coming back time and time again.

Nurture your warm leads

Those people in your audience who haven't bought from you yet but will! Instead of leaving money on the table and waiting for them to take the leap, you'll engage with them and convert them to paying clients sooner.

Build an influx of new leads

Inviting people in to your world to get to know you ensures that you keep a healthy pipeline throughout the year! No more feast or famine, no more wondering what to do to find new people.

Stand out from the competition

Your competition are always in hunt mode, looking for more cash, new people to sell to, new offers to put out. Stand out by being the ethical, empathetic option who truly cares about the QUALITY of their work.

it’s time to Put Skin in the game

Research done by Dean Karlan, founder of stickK, found that having someone that monitors your progress DOUBLES your chance of reaching your goal, and that a financial stake can up those chances by as much as 3 times.
So, within this experience I will help you to monitor and check in to make sure you’re doing your tasks and, so that you have skin in the game, there is a nominal admin fee to take part.
A weekday reminder to do a small task that will make a mighty difference to your business. 
You in?
I'm in!