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The Eisenhower Matrix is a staple when it comes to prioritisation techniques.

This is a TASK management system that helps you to put tasks in to the order in which they should be done.

There are 4 quadrants to this matrix;

  1. Urgent & Important tasks; these are time sensitive tasks that move us forward in some way.

  2. Not Urgent, but Important tasks; these are those that move us forward but where there is no immediate deadline.

  3. Urgent, but not Important tasks; these are ones that need to be done ASAP but don’t significantly move our business forwards or can be done by someone else.

  4. Not Urgent & Not Important tasks; these are often ‘filler’ tasks that steal our attention but do not move our business forwards at all.

The aim is to have the majority of tasks in quadrant 2

Tasks here are important so worthwhile but come without the stress of an imminent deadline. These tasks can be scheduled for completion – we know when we need to get them done and can do so at out leisure.

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