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Everyone talks about lead magnets… but do you really know what they are and how you should use them?

Consider this a brief reminder!


A lead magnet is an offer you put out in to the world; but instead of people paying you with money, they pay you with their email address and permission to contact them.

Everything we do is an energetic transaction; money is energy, intention is energy, permission is energy. Stop focussing just on what you want from them (their email address) and start focussing on the value of the transaction! 

A good & effective lead magnet can;

  • Convert curious lurkers into paying clients
  • Grow your email list
  • Position you as the go to expert
  • Allow you to showcase your expertise
  • Elevate your brand

There are different types of lead magnets that you can put out in to the world, but you will only generate traction with it if it’s well thought through.

A lead magnet, for all intents and purposes, is the beginning of a funnel.

It’s an invitation into your world. An opportunity for someone to sample your work, get to know you and become aware of your other offers.

It is not a quick win – do not expect a lead magnet (however good) to make you a millionaire overnight! 


To be effective, lead magnets need the following characteristics;

  • Relevance – it needs to be relevant to what your audience wants! You’ll notice I didn’t say need. This is because too often, as experts, we know what someone needs is not always what they want. Which is great, except if they don’t want what you’re offering, they’ll never sign up to receive what they need.
  • Perceived value – this needs to be high enough to encourage people to willingly share their contact information, but it doesn’t need to be a huge secret, or massively educational. Most of the time it’s intrigue and curiosity that makes me download a lead magnet – they’ve posed a question and I need to know their answer.
  • Positions you as the obvious next step – it’s a funnel, so if you answer a problem too comprehensively that they don’t need you anymore, you’ve lost a sale. Think of it as the first step in solving a complex problem for them. It gives them an answer, but leaves them wanting more from you.
  • Easy to consume – trust me when I say that no one wants to read 100 pages of a PDF for free. They might read the first 5 but then they’ll get overwhelmed. The easier it is for someone to consume your lead magnet, the more likely it is that they will be impressed by their sample of working with you.
  • Hook them in with the title – the more click baity the better – you want to grab their attention and you want them to neeeeed the answer.
  • Next steps – include them in your lead magnet, and make sure that once someone is on your email list you actually email them!!! A funnel should lead somewhere!!

The best way to know what lead magnet to put out into the world is to ASK YOUR AUDIENCE what they want from you!

Here are some extra ideas for lead magnets you could create;

  • PDFs with lists – people love a list
    • 5 steps to achieve what they want
    • The biggest mistake you’re making with X
    • How I achieved transition they want
    • Top 3 tools to achieve what they want
  • Audios – meditations, binaural beats etc – tell them the benefit of listening to this resource
  • Video mini-trainings
  • Old repurposed masterclasses
  • Mini-courses based on old 5 day challenges
  • Templates they can use on social media
  • Journal prompts
  • Trello boards
  • Workbooks
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys/Polls

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