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Link Pages; Why you should avoid 3rd Party options

Have you heard of Linktree?

Linktree allows you to create a personalised and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience.

27 Jul 2020

If you use Instagram it’s likely you will have seen a profile with a Linktree URL set in their bio. It’s a 3rd party app that helps you get around the “one link” rule on Instagram.

You can use a free version, which allows unlimited links, a QR code and some analytics. You can choose your theme from some pre-set options, mostly just colour variations and it is quick and simple to set up.

So why don’t I recommend you use it?

  1. Reliance on 3rd party apps should be minimised

    What happens if your ideal client is trying to reach you via your link but the Linktree website has gone down (as it has at the time of writing this!)

  2. Your imagery & branding are important

    Having consistency within the images you post on Instagram is all well and good, but if your clients then click the link in your bio and the page they go to is not ‘on brand’ you lose some of that consistency & brand identity recognition

  3. It’s not your domain name url

    This may seem obvious, but when you have such limited characters available in your bio, you want them all to lead to you and your brand. Would you prefer your bio to have or

  4. You have put time and effort in to creating a website & optimising the SEO

    Therefore you should be driving traffic to YOUR website, not to a 3rd party! That way, your website analytics can tell more of a story. From Instagram, which links are getting the most hits? Are they going anywhere after that first page? How long are they spending on each page?

  5. Instagram has been known to mark Linktree links as spam

    This causes your Instagram Bio to be blocked and no longer accessible to your audience; this can happen without warning and seemingly at random.

  6. To have more customisation options and analytics, you need the pro version

    This costs $6 a month which doesn’t seem much until you’ve paid $72 a year for something you can do for free!

What should you do instead?

  1. Create a custom links page on your OWN website

    You can hide it from the main menu and have it as a background page but it will still have your header, your footer, your logo and the menu to view other pages on your website.

  2. Choose a style that works for you

    Personally I am a big fan of the Buzzfeed style board using images as links but I’ve seen list styles look great too!

  3. Save the url for your links page as a keyboard shortcut

    This is not necessary BUT whenever people want to see more about me I tend to use my links page url as it tells them what options they have from the offset!

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