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" a process where one person offers help, guidance and support, using empathy and practical experiences of their own, to facilitate the learning or development of another."

Business ownership can be a lonely place!

- Your friends & family call you brave but they cannot offer advice.

- They don't understand marketing yourself as a personal brand.

- They can't relate to how many plates you need to keep spinning.

What you need is someone who understands what makes you tick, your strengths & weaknesses, and who can also offer you experience led advice in the opportunities you have to grow your business.

You need someone who's been there to guide you on your way!

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I have a decade of experience in growing businesses.

I offer 1-1 mentoring to Business Owners looking to grow and scale their businesses; with a variety of contact levels and investment levels I will meet you where you are and help to guide you to where you want to be.

1-1 mentoring is a hands-off approach – it does not contain any done for you work. You will be in charge of what you do and how you do it; I will be there to keep you moving forwards, to answer your questions and help to alleviate your worries. I may offer suggestions and guidance, however it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to take them.

Within this container I offer a judgement-free space for you to open up; I do not want you to feel you have to filter your words to make them sound ‘better’. Together we can talk through any issues you may be having with clients or peers to understand where they come from and how you can move forwards.

What will you achieve through mentoring?

  • Keeping you accountable to achieve your goals
  • Making strategic moves within your business
  • Helping you overcome any hurdles you face
  • Becoming more productive and less busy

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"Alex's total integrity made it so easy for me to trust her with my new ideas - something that is often hard to do in the coaching space. Having the freedom and trust to bounce my ideas off Alex was a confidence boost I wasn't expecting and helped me introduce greater scope to my ideas"

Kate Hogan - Public Speaking Coach

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