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Planners, Diaries, Bullet Journal’s & Notebooks

2024 Dated Planner/Diary

This A4 (8.25 inch x 11 inch) 2024 pre-dated diary was designed with productivity in mind! Allowing you to look at the month ahead and then focus in week to week.

Each week spread has a page for noting important meetings, plus a full page for notes and/or a to do list.

Hardback cover with matte finish, this is an elegant, tactile and practical solution as a desk diary.


Monthly planning view

A full month view on one page and a vision board on the other to map out a successful month! Space to add notes, track important dates and set both work and life goals.

Monthly Review View

A monthly reflection page to make sure we are always learning from our experiences and remember to track and celebrate the positives in life! Alongside this is a noteboard page to track any ideas, brain dump thoughts and make plans for the upcoming month.

Weekly View

A week-per-page view with room to see your appointments & meetings, as well as tracking habits, weekly goals and daily gratitude. Alongside this is a full page for that weeks to do lists or notes giving you plenty of space to keep things all together!

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The Business Freedom Planner

I have never found a diary or planner that worked for me; day per page didn’t give me any overview capabilities, and week per view didn’t give me enough space to write everything. So in 2008, I started bullet journaling.

A bullet journal is (usually) a dotted grid notebook within which you draw in your own “spreads” aka how you want your pages to be set out. I could have pages for reflection, for planning, for doodling, for the month, the week and each day if I wanted. A bullet journal doesn’t have to be “beautiful” (though pinterest will tell you otherwise) – it’s about finding a form that suits you best.

The downside, is that unless you do the prep work…it’s just an empty notebook!

That’s why I created The Business Freedom Planner. 

An undated planner, designed to get you thinking about your priorities in your business each month, planning your content for the month based on your strategy, and working through your weekly to do list.

Wrapped up on an bullet jounal dot grid to let you customise it and have full creative control!


A monthly overview (undated) for you to track important dates each month alongside a page to write down you big goals for each month.

A social media focussed spread, reminding you to be strategic with your content and focussing on what you’re aiming for each month (growth, engagement, conversions etc) alongside space to write prompts for the month of content to make sure you’re covering every angle!

Utilising the Eisenhower matrix to prioritise your monthly workload; categorising it early in the month allows you to focus on the important & urgent tasks first, rather than distracting yourself with the unimportant ones and running out of time!

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