ARC MiniMind 2024

£300 / month for 3 months



This is an intimate group who are looking to really push themselves and as a result of pushing themselves, get BIG results.

This is a pure coaching container; there are no training materials or videos to get overwhelmed by or not have the time to watch.

It is a space to come and get answers throughout the day; sense check ideas, spit ball options but also a space to get questions that allow you to dig deeper and find answers for yourself.

This is a space where we will do sales sprints, visibility challenges, and have some healthy competition. It is a space where we will motivate each other and together, we WILL succeed.

This is a space where you will be surrounded by others who are also looking to reach their next level; you’ll be inspired, you’ll be supported and you’ll be cheered on!

Within this space I will also share a behind-the-scenes look at what I am doing within my own business; my marketing techniques, how I manage taking time off and balancing work and life

This is a 3 month commitment for this at £300 per month.

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