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Leadership, Culture & Productivity

Success without Sacrifice is the core message in everything I deliver.

Whether working with fast growth SMEs to ensure neither founders nor employees are burning out, or working with Solopreneurs to ensure they are working to live, and not living to work, I aim to not only highlight the importance of a work/life balance, but gives practical techniques to achieve it.

I am known as a confident and engaging speaker who adapts each session to best suit my audience.

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Alex spoke for us at our Sit-Down networking event in November 2023 and was an exceptional addition to our agenda. Her thoughtful and insightful presentation engaged our delegates from start to finish and provoked an incredibly in depth Q&A session. Alex responded to each question with careful consideration, respect and detail.

Nicola KempProducer and Curator for Sit-Down

Alex attended my in person retreat as a guest expert. Wow! Her talk was such an incredible addition and really opened the eyes of everyone in attendance, not just the participants but also myself and the other guest speakers! Not only that, but she provided valuable insights throughout the event that truly were game changing with people talking about her talk not just all event, but after as well! I cannot recommend Alex enough and am already planning to have her back for our next retreat!

Hannah WalkerWealth Sales Retreat

In person events, Virtual Keynotes & Panel Discussions

Topic’s include:

  • Retaining the Leaders of the Future
  • Why doing too much is killing your productivity
  • Harnessing potential without harming potential
  • Embracing Procrastination

Workshops & Training Days

Content can be tailored to suit your desired outcomes, taking in to account who is attending and how many are taking part.

Suggested sessions include:

  • Team Communication
  • Business Strategy on an Individual & Group level
  • Company Values

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