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It's time to embrace everything that makes you, YOU!


My name's Alex,

and I'm a multi-passionate...

But this is no 12 step program to fix that…

Because not only is there nothing wrong with being a multi-passionate,

I’d go as far to say that, done right, it’s an actual SUPER POWER!

I’ll bet you’ve been told at least once to niche down into just one area..

That it’s confusing to your audience that you have so many ways of working with them.

That a ‘Jack of all trades’ is a master of none.

But it feels awful for you, doesn’t it?

How can you possibly choose just one?

It leaves you feeling confused and frustrated, and not knowing which one to choose stops you from taking action which means you’re being left behind.

I don't want to be left behind anymore!

Sorry but, I have to call you out

You ARE an ambitious entrepreneur, with multiple modalities, tools and ways of helping people. You don’t want to limit yourself to just one way of working – you want to have diverse income streams and a clear direction and strategy to turn your skills and ideas into income that is consistently growing.

But, you also find yourself identifying with the 3 most common issues I see in my clients;

  1. You’re overflowing with ideas: there is so much you can do, you don’t even know where to start
  2. You have Feast or Famine income: you launch well but in between those high money months come the low money months!
  3. You spend your time Feeling scatter-brained: you get ¾ of the way into a launch cycle and find yourself disconnecting from that offer/modality; you want to talk about another offer/modality but you can’t do that without disrupting your launch… so you launch distractedly!

"I've gone from being overwhelmed and frozen in my confusion to proactive and excited. I've taken more action in my biz these last 6 weeks than the entire 2 years previously."

Donna Gilliard – Exquisite Artisan Doll Maker


A way to have it all

To not only combine all your passions

but for that to be why your audience buy from you

It's time to find your arc

The irony, when I was a recruiter, was that I was searching for “PERFECT” CVs – the ones where there was a clear sense of purpose throughout, where they hadn’t job hopped, and definitely hadn’t industry hopped!

And there was me…

  • With degrees in Sociology & Law, neither of which I was using
  • Having worked in a gym, a medical centre, finance recruitment and then admin recruitment
  • My CV was a mishmash MESS!

Thing is, I have ALWAYS been multi-passionate and actually, it’s what ultimately MADE my career.

Because I left recruitment to go into Operations Management.

A baptism of fire! 

Finance, HR, Events, Contracts, Compliance, Hiring Firing and everything in between! All possible because I love variety!

When I made the move from employee to self-employed, I brought all that experience and knowledge with me.

and once again I was told to specialise!

Instead, I built a business that works for me;

  • One that takes all my skills and makes them accessible for my clients
  • One that lets me play with offer types and launch methods
  • One that recognises that we are not one dimensional beings!!

I found my ARC, now it’s time for you to find yours!


How much has your strategy cost you so far?

£500 here for a course about Instagram selling.

£1500 there for a course on how to build courses.

£50 here for fancy software you don’t use.

And then there are the hours of your own time you have invested; building and refining and sharing with the world.

How many fruitless hours have you spent on the hamster wheel? Working and working but never moving forwards.

Time is money and you’re spending yours unwisely.

To get a fully bespoke strategy working with me 1-1

would cost you in the realm of £6,000!

Through 1-1 sessions we could build a strategy and all it’s supporting systems that would take your business to heights you’ve never dared to dream about.

Yet for a fraction of that cost you can achieve the same thing

A Strategy designed not only with your business in mind, but with YOU in mind.

A Strategy designed around the capacity you have to deliver, the energy and style you have to launch.

A Strategy designed to play to your strengths and minimise your weaknesses, whilst simultaneously helping you work less and earn more!!

My clients have doubled their income whilst being able to lower their working hours and take days off.
They’ve become magnets to their dream clients.
They’re operating from their zone of genius.


The Strategy Accelerator


A 12 week supported journey towards success! Using a combination of trainings (that you have lifetime access to) and monthly mastermind sessions, I will guide you in building a strategy that builds the business of your dreams.

Using my Business Freedom Method® and the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained during my career, I will show you the plethora of options you have to choose from when it comes to your offer types, delivery, launch methods and systems & processes. We will identify which work best for you.

Over 70 bite sized trainings for you to work through

At least 3 Group Masterminding Sessions

A support group for you to post in whenever you need

3 months of high touch support from me.

PLUS I’ll make you this guarantee; If you don’t make a single sale during our 12 weeks together in the support groups despite taking all the steps I teach, showing to the mastermind calls and asking for help… I will give you another 12 weeks of support group access completely free!

Payment plans available

subject to Terms & Conditions