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How is this membership different to all the other business memberships out there?

This isn’t simply a framework where you follow the 10 commandments or fail; unlike a lot of other coaches, it’s not my way or the highway!

I don’t offer a big idea that you can implement into your business, I’ll never give you the “one thing that changed everything” because I believe that success is found in small steps we take along the road.

What I do is meet you where you are right now, help you set a destination for yourself and then I keep you heading in the right direction. Whether that is motivating you to keep taking action, or nudging you back on to the right path.

text saying "They call it The Alex Effect"

This membership is not about the content. It’s not about watching hours of videos and doing lots of homework.

It’s about showing up and getting the support you need, when you need it.

What if you weren’t all alone in your business?

How much more confidence would you have if you had someone to talk it through with?
Someone who had proven experience of growing companies to multimillion pound international machines?

Now, Imagine you have a successful business that doesn’t need you to be at the steering wheel all day every day..

What are you doing with your spare time? Making memories? Indulging in your hobbies? Spending time with your loved ones? Just taking naps? (yeah me too!)

A work life balance isn’t a unicorn, it really does exist and it is so achievable for everyone, no matter what else you have going on in your life.

Hands come together showing community spirit, over the top of the image are the words "The Business Freedom Collective!

Welcome to The Business Freedom Collective!

The business community where you are never on your own to figure it out for yourself.

I’m a master of productivity a.k.a. getting-shit-done BUT unlike a lot of productivity coaches out there, I don’t focus on your time management and squeezing as much business in to your life every day as possible.

Instead I focus on making good strategic business decisions and actioning priorities.

With my help my clients work fewer hours but earn more money.

This is a community of business owners who work to live; they don’t want to make sacrifices in order to have success, they want both and they CAN have it!

A blue circle with the words Success without Sacrifice, the motto of The Business Freedom Method.

What’s included?

icons showing a calendar, a video camera and a lightbulb/brain hybrid

Weekly Masterminding Sessions (Full membership only)

these are held on zoom and give you a chance to talk through any issues you are having with me (and the group); in these sessions previously we have covered how to fire a client, how to overcome burnout, how to sort your bedtime routine so that you can be more productive in the day…

Icon showing the discord logo

We also have a private discord channel

where we are able to chat, brag about our wins and get help on those awkward conversations we come up against in our day to day businesses!

A person icon surrounded by stars and speech icons

Guest Expert Sessions

here we bring in subject matter experts to talk about their area of expertise – it’s a chance to get trained by people who really know their stuff in all areas of business AND life. We’ve had sessions from an accountant, a sales consultant, a mindset coach etc.

Icons depicting content types

Content designed to maximise your time

I have put together trainings on all areas of running a business from my own experience of running international businesses. From setting up and looking at business plans, strategies, goals etc, to managing a team or outsourcing tasks.

Does this sound like you?

  • You can get results but they leave you feeling drained because they require so much effort from you?
  • Because of this, your results are not consistent because you can only push for short amounts of time.
  • You deliberate and overthink problems you come up against in business and find it hard to decide on the right course of action.
  • You often find it hard to apply the teachings of experts to your business; you sign up for courses but you can’t keep up with the training or you get stuck on lesson two.

What if this was your life instead?

You are fully in charge of your schedule; if you want to spend the morning drinking coffee in your garden, you can do so without any guilt at all. You “go to work” when you want to; you’re never chained to your desk.

You have consistent revenue coming in so you’re not worrying about your bills or unexpected costs coming up.

Freedom from the pressure of making sales, allows you to take on passion projects and longer term slower projects because you have time and capacity to work on them.

You have more time to spend doing what you love, with the people you love. You are making memories and focusing on living your life, no longer worrying about funding your life.

Picture shows a phone with an image of Alex's client Brian , over the top is a screenshot of a comment that says "Thank you for your sagely wisdom today Alex. The difficult conversation I had today went beautifully"
Picture shows a phone with a photo of Alex's client Hannah. Over the top is a screenshot of a comment saying "Thanks everyone, really appreciate the sounding board! I felt like I kind of knew what to do but love that I can ask you amazing people as if being "back in the office"
Picture shows a phone with Alex's client Rachel. Over the top is a screenshot of a comment saying "And in the first month it enabled me to take the most time off I've ever managed and still make me just as much money"
Image shows a phone with a picture of Alex's client, over the top is a caption saying "Alex I am addicted to this coworking it makes me achieve things"
Picture of a phone, over the top are two screenshots of comments saying "Your method is not only helping me with business overwhelm but is making me a better mom too as now I can focus on my children without feeling guilty! This is so amazing!! Thank you so much for having me here" as well as "and just like that, with one sentence, you solved my biggest struggle with time management and business!! I'm just staring at my phone speechless..."

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Full Membership

£66 per month

£396 for 6 months

£726 for 12 months

Lite Membership

£25 per month

£150 for 6 months

£300 for 12 months

*6 month minimum commitment

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