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UK Trademark Applications – Things to do & Things to avoid

When you google “UK Trademark Applications” the first 3 hits are adverts from companies making big bucks out of filing trademarks for you.

Trademarks that should only cost around £250 to file.

The government website may be the top non-advert listed, but if you don’t know to look for it you may be led to believe that filing for a Trademark is a difficult and costly experience.

It really doesn’t have to be, so I have filmed a step by step guide using the Government website to show how easy it can be to do yourself.

You can access that here; UK Trademark Guide


So, other than avoiding spending thousands of pounds for someone else to file for you, what should you avoid doing, and what should you be doing?



  • Your research – make sure you have checked that no one else is using the mark, or that it is something you can actually trademark.
  • Remember that not all words or phrases can be trademarked; this doesn’t mean you cannot use them for your business, it means you cannot stop anyone else also using them.
  • Think about whether you actually¬†need the trademark – is this a signature phrase/course/part of your business, would it do you harm for others to start using the same words? If the answer is no, then consider whether you need a trademark or if you are covered by copyright.


  • File your trademark under unnecessary categories – not only is this pointless, it will also likely mean your application is denied.
  • File a trademark just to stop other people having it; if it’s not a signature part of your business, do not mess with legal procedures.
  • File for a trademark and then not use it; if someone can prove that you have not used your mark in a certain timeframe, it can be taken off you.

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