The Backstage Pass; Get the VIP treatment & special access to extra resources all week!

I need MORE

For a one-time payment, you’ll get access to a private Voxer group where I will be giving additional suggestions, helping you answer those tough questions and supporting you in getting the most from this week, plus… best of all…

An exclusive mastermind at the end of the week where you can ask me any question and get my eyes on your business! 

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to get us unstuck, and a free experience isn’t always enough, sometimes you wish you could get more guidance on each of the tasks. This pass is for you.

I'm in, unlock my pass!!

You're wondering if you REALLY need this pass when you can just do the challenge in the Facebook Group

This pass is for those of you who are tired of waiting for success to just happen for you, but know that the next step is a big one and you need a hand to help you climb it.

You don’t have to do this alone; I am here to guide you, support you and cheer you along. All you have to do is commit to trying. We’re not aiming for perfection, we’re aiming for progress. And the easiest step is committing to this backstage pass…

Yep, I'm in!

Here's exactly what you get

LIVE Masterminding

Join me on zoom

This is a live masterminding where you will be able to get my direct help on whatever is currently blocking your path. It’s access to my 1-1 help in a group setting. We’ll run this at the end of the challenge as by then I will know you really well and will be able to give you bespoke ideas.

Exclusive VOXER group

5 days with me

This is an exclusive Voxer group where I will be giving additional value, guidance and support. I’ll be sending daily messages & voicenotes. As this will be a smaller group, I will be able to answer your questions in more detail and help you throughout the day.