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LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland

DATES: Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th September

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The unleashed event

september 2024

A 3 day event designed to unleash the most powerful version of you, and unlock the most successful version of your business!

Right now you’re handcuffed to the hamster wheel of doom; you haven’t built a business, you’ve built a job for yourself.

One where you’re underpaid, underappreciated and frankly going under the metaphorical water.

You’ve found success, but it’s come at a cost… your freedom.

Now it’s time to reclaim your freedom without losing your success.

Success without Sacrifice.

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I had an incredible career running the Operations team for an international, fast growth agency in London; I had taken them from 12 employees to 100 with offices in 3 countries. I loved my job! 

But, I was working 10 hour days at a minimum and I could only see my partner at weekends due to being based in different locations. So when I decided to set up my own business, I wanted to do things differently.

I left my career for freedom, flexibility and balance.

So I was more than a little pissed off when the “guru’s” of the online business world started telling me that it takes long hours & working weekends to build a successful business, the sacrifice will “be worth it in the end” they said. No thanks, I said.

So I started my mission; I’m not here to show you how to reach millions.

I’m here to show you how to do it without having to sacrifice your life in the process! 

Event breakdown

Throughout this event I will take you through my proven bespoke business strategy system; you’ll walk away with a clear vision, the steps you need to take in order to succeed AND the mindset that will get you there.

Day One

Coffee & Networking
11am - 1pm
Vision Workshop
1pm - 2pm
Break for lunch (VIPs will have lunch provided
2pm - 4pm
CEO Mindset Workshop
4pm - 5pm
Exclusive drinks reception for VIPs and the first 15 attendees to sign up

Day Two

Coffee & Networking
11am - 1pm
Aligned Strategy Workshop
1pm - 2pm
Break for lunch (VIPs will have lunch provided
2pm - 4pm
Implementation Tactics Workshop
4pm - 5pm
Q&A Session

Day Three

Coffee & Networking
11am - 1pm
Growing & Managing your Team (and why you need one to scale)
1pm - 2pm
Break for lunch (VIPs will have lunch provided
2pm - 3pm
Closing Session
3pm - 5pm
Exclusive VIP Group Masterminding
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why is it an in person event?

Why not an online event?

I love online events and they absolutely have their place, however, online events tend to be limited in their ability to create change for you.

✨ You get inspired,

🤔 But struggle to actually make the changes.

✨ You start motivated,

😵‍💫 But get overwhelmed trying to keep up and do your day job.

✨ You resonate with others on day one,

😣 But fear of judgement holds you back from going deeper.


An in person event

💖 takes you away from all day to day distractions,

💖 allows you to keep up the momentum and immerse yourself in the work,

💖 creates a safe and intimate space in which you can connect with others.


In person workshops inspire quick wins as well as integrating long term positive changes within your mindset, your working practices and your business success.

Committing this time and investment to creating those changes means they are more likely to stick, and more likely to succeed.

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this is for you if

💖 You’re ready to take BIG ACTIONS and get the big results they create!

💖 You’re ready to stop downloading every lead magnet & webinar advertised to you because you KNOW what you need to do to move forwards!

💖 You’re a leader who’s ready to elevate to the next level!

You’re going to walk away with deep embodied confidence, knowing who you are, what you stand for and just how you are going to change the world.

You’re going to feel more activated and motivated than ever before.

You’re going to have all the tools you need to take those feelings and convert them into the life of your dreams.

this is not for you if

🪄 You’re looking for a magic wand

🍪 You want a cookie cutter strategy

🫣 You’re not ready to confront your own excuses

We all have fears, we all have limits, we all have self-sabotage disguised as excuses and ‘reasons’ – until you’re ready to face them and remove their power, they will continue to hold you back.

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The unleashed event

september 2024

main day access only

Wednesday 25th September


This ticket gives you access to join all workshops, trainings and networking on the longest day of the event, Wednesday 25th September. You’ll walk away with my bespoke strategy formula and an understanding of how that works for you.

Choose Main Day Access Only

Full 3 day event access

24th, 25th, 26th September


This ticket gives you access to join all workshops, trainings and networking on the longest day of the event, Wednesday 25th September. You’ll walk away with all the tools and strategies you need to take your business to the next level.

Choose 3 Day Event

VIP 3 day event access

24th, 25th, 26th September


In addition to access to the full 3 day event, you will have lunch provided each day and you will be invited to an exclusive VIP group masterminding where we will dig deeper into all the lessons learned over the 3 days and how best to implement them.

Choose VIP Access


Where is the event located?

The venue is to be confirmed.

It will be situated in Central Edinburgh City – as close to transport hubs as possible.

Will any meals be provided with my ticket?

Coffee/tea/soft drinks and some nibbles will be provided during the networking portions of each day.

Lunch will only be provided for VIP ticket holders.

For regular ticket holders, there are restaurants, cafes and shops close by to buy their own lunch.

Will there be a recording of the event?

While there will be recordings taken throughout the event, a full recording of each session will not be available after the event as this is a live event.

You are however welcome to take pictures and short video clips to share on social media. I’d be honoured if you would tag me too! My Instagram handle is @alexcoward_arc

Will there be an opportunity to spend time with Alex?

I will be engaging with all of you throughout the workshops and in as many breakout sessions as I can get to in the time available.

VIP ticket holders will have an exclusive and intimate group masterminding where they will be able to ask questions and get my direct feedback – this is the ultimate way to maximise your time at this event.

Is there a Facebook Group for the Unleashed Event 2024?

Yes, there is a Facebook Group for ticket holders to connect. You’re welcome to use this group to make plans for accommodation shares.

The link for this group will be emailed to you following ticket purchase.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for this event. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to transfer your ticket by 18th September.

Please email me at so I can ensure the new attendee is on the list.

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