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unstoppable leadership

Break Free from the Daily Grind & Make your Business Work for you

I'm ready to lead the way

You'll never get off the hamster wheel until you stop being the bottleneck in your own business

News Flash: So far, you haven't built a business, you've built a job...

Can you take time off without losing revenue? What happens if you get sick?

It doesn’t matter how much you’re making; if you can’t step away from your desk, you’re working for your business, it’s not working for you.

There is a solution but it needs you to step up and take control of your business.

Are you ready to be a Leader in your industry?

if I could grant you one wish for your business, what would you choose?

Would you wish for fame and fortune?

Or do you simply dream of an easier life?

A life where you are KNOWN for being the best in the business.

A life without worrying about your cashflow or bill payments.

A life full of saying YES to the adventures and opportunities available to you.

A life unrestricted by cash or capacity.

One of the biggest concerns business owners have about scaling their business is how they will be able to manage other people. Often they have left jobs to become an entrepreneur because they’ve been so poorly managed themselves. People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers, right? But where else can we learn how to manage well if not learning from our own experiences?

The trap they fall into is that either it is simply faster for them to do it themselves than for them to train and constantly check the work of someone else, or that they themselves feel so disorganised they cannot imagine needing to manage an extra person on top.

If you don’t want to stay small, you can’t keep thinking small.

I'm ready to think BIG!

Maybe you already have a team

Either you have associates that you outsource work to, or you have a VA, or a website designer, or a social media manager etc

Do you get what you need from them?

Do you feel confident holding them to task?

Do you know when to chase them for work or when to leave them be?

You're ready to Discover the secrets of aligned leadership, tailored to your unique personality and strengths


Stop being the bottleneck in your business; learn to think beyond yourself with EXPANSIVE VISION. Here we’ll work out where you are limiting your business by considering only the work you have capacity to complete, instead of how much you could achieve with help.

week 2.

Don’t build your castle on sand – as soon as you start to grow it will crumble and fall. Here we will look at the essential FOUNDATIONS of business that will stay stable and support you as you scale with ease. The added benefit is that these actually make scaling exponentially quicker!

week 3.

You always need to PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS but even more when you’re scaling and growing – protect your reputation, protect your payments and protect your intellectual property and client book. Here we’ll look at what you need, and what’s simply nice to have.

week 4.

It’s time to talk about BUILDING YOUR TEAM. Easier said than done for a lot of people; we’ll look at who we need to hire first, second etc, where to find the best people for the job, and how to attract them. We’ll look at outsourcing, hiring associates and hiring employees. You don’t need to have a team to get something out of this, but you do need to want to grow!

week 5.

MANAGEMENT is a skill that can be learned, and importantly can always be improved. You can find your own way; you don’t need to be a disciplinarian, you don’t need to be strict or hold your team at arms length. You can be your lovely, funny, friendly self and STILL get the best out of your team, without switching between pushover and rude! You will be able to use these skills in all of your negotiations and interactions even if you don’t yet have a team!

week 6.

How do you HARNESS THE POTENTIAL in your team members without harming their potential by pushing them beyond their boundaries? How can we get the most out of them, without asking too much? Here we’ll dig deeper into your management skills as well as your OWN work life balance. Is your business as efficient as it can be?

week 7.

The biggest difference between a 7 figure business and a 6 figure business is how they NAVIGATE THE UNEXPECTED and the sooner you can learn what to do when the proverbial hits the fan, the sooner your business will grow to those heights.

week 8.

Management is one thing, but becoming a TRUE LEADER is another thing entirely. It’s more than a mindset, or giving yourself the CEO job title. Leadership is the skill not of directing, but of inspiring people to follow. You can lead your team, but can you lead a movement? Can you lead your industry?


I have a natural affinity to Leadership & Management; I’ve always been able to get the most out of people because they want to do it for me, not because I’m forcing them.

It wasn’t until I was already the manager of a team of 8 people (across 3 countries) that I was given negative feedback on my management style.

“You’re too soft. They’re not your friends. You should follow *Pete’s lead – he’s a great manager, copy what he does, learn from him.” 

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn what happened when I implemented *Pete’s style and exact methods…

“You’re coming across very bitchy Alex, try softening your approach a little”

As frustrating as it was, this lit a fire in me. I started devouring leadership and management books, learning from everyone I could find talking about this.

I learned that the best management style is the one you are naturally inclined to follow. But I also learned that our natural inclinations can be overwhelmed by circumstances and fears.

I came to understand why people often seem to flip a switch between overly friendly, almost pushovers, to angry or frustrated and rude with their demands.

Best of all, I was able to to help those around me to avoid that trap.

Let me help you be the best Leader you can be.

In this group programme I will lead you through a transformation

for your business, and for yourself.

Using a mix of coaching, mentoring and teaching I will help you to gain

success without sacrifice

this programme is currently closed